A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastery
Unlock your healing power and discover the magic of your mind.
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Self hypnosis saves on medical bills

Save Money with Self Hypnosis

Using your mind, rather than drugs, to control your emotional states means you need fewer drugs, and, therefore, fewer doctor visits.
Self Hypnosis leads to happiness and contentment

Discover the keys to happiness & contentment

We all want to feel happy. This book opens the door to happiness and invites you to step through.

A Self Hypnosis MP3 is also available

This hypnosis CD will support your work with the exercises and the techniques that you will learn in this book.

Reasons to Buy

Are you stressed out; feel like your life is not your own; or maybe you just don't have the confidence you need to do what you would love to do?

Are you struggling with addictions to things like food & cigarettes; is your blood pressure too high; and is quality, refreshing, sleep a little elusive?

What about your relationships? Are they working? Are they what you want?

This book provides solutions to all of these problems and many more.

So check it out now...

Amazon.com BUY NOW button for self hypnosis Kindle Book

What They Say

Self Hypnosis reached No.1 on Amazon's Best Seller List for Personal Growth & Inspiration in the US.

...and No 1 in the Personal Transformation genre, and No 5 in Self-Help, in the UK.

About the Author

Michael Hadfield Michael Hadfield has been a registered clinical hypnotherapist for the past 15 years and is a Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

From the very beginning of this career he was fascinated by Psychoneuroimmunology - the ability to change the physical body's response to pain & disease by the use of mental imagery. His own experiences with chronic anxiety and agoraphobia give him a unique insight into mind-based solutions for those challenges.

He spends much of his time writing as well as running a hypnotherapy practice in Runcorn in the UK.

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