Does Self Hypnosis Really Work?

One of the real difficulties with trying something new is knowing whether or not it will work and then reward us with the outcomes we desire. I have tried many things in the self-help arena and very few have lived up to their promises. If only there was some way to guarantee a positive result - then it would be worth putting the effort in to learn how to do it. Yet if you do not put the effort in, it (whatever it is) cannot possibly produce the desired results.

But, if you're like me, you don't really want to spend a month learning and practising some new technique only to discover that it has all been a waste of time, do you?>If only there was a way to test it out...

You haven't arrived here without have some goal, some specific change in mind. Life is probably hurting and you are looking around for a magical solution - a solution that will take the pain away and give life a golden glow that you know is possible and available. You know this because even though something isn't working in your life; even though you know now that there isn't a pill to fix it; you see other people doing what you want to do and you want it too. But you are caught in that mental bind that says if others have it, it has to be possible. However, it seems that for you it is either impossible or just needs more than you've got to give right now. How can it be so easy for them, when it's so difficult for you?

Maybe you spent time seeking out the why. Maybe you decided it was your upbringing (it usually is). Maybe it was something done or not done, or your school, or a fault with your genetic make-up. Some people even decide that they must have been 'bad' in a past life and are being punished. I know that thought has certainly crossed my mind on more than one occasion. You can spend hours agonising over what went wrong and why. You can blame yourself. You can blame others

But the truth is - none of that is relevant. Not one jot of that matters.

All that does matter is that you want things to be different and you just want to know what to do. As long as it works you are prepared to take whatever steps you can to bring that about. Notice that I say 'whatever steps you can' rather than 'whatever it takes'. This is because 'whatever it takes' generally brings you face to face with your biggest fears and your biggest fears are the only reason you haven't got what you want in the first place. If you weren't afraid of doing what others do to get what you want you would already have it.

So, the solution is actually quite simple. All you have to do is to remove the fear and what you want will flow right to you. The trouble with that is, of course, that right now the fear is with you. Thinking about doing what you fear, to get what you want, creates a huge amount of resistance. Resistance to taking any step that will lead you in the direction of the Promised Land. You don't mind pretending to do something about it, but if you are going to end up doing what you don't want to do, then maybe it would be better if you didn't have what you want.

This is where self hypnosis enters. The beauty of self hypnosis is that it is very like not doing anything. At the same time it allows you to convince yourself that it won't bring you into confrontation with your fears, but is actually solving the problem. What more could you want?

The beauty of Self hypnosis is that it is a way of staying totally safe, feeling like you are at least making the effort to change, and working towards getting what you want. While the best bit is that it is actually really easy to learn if you approach it in the right way.

So is self hypnosis a way to kid yourself you are taking action when you aren't? On the contrary, self hypnosis is a brilliant and wonderful tool for those very reasons. The biggest reason of all is that it is totally safe. When you use self hypnosis you do not have to confront anything you don't want to, and even if you do choose to confront it, you only do so in your imagination and all of that is totally under your control.

The wonderful thing about using self hypnosis for bringing about desired change and attracting what you want into your life is that it is actually an enjoyable experience. You discover how to become wonderfully relaxed all under your own control. You discover how to use your amazing mind to release fear and bring about the changes that you want for you. You discover that you can have what you want if you use this wonderful tool correctly.

Once you've discovered how easy it is to take yourself into a trance, and make changes that you thought were impossible, doors will begin to open for you. Then you will realise the power that you hold within you, not only to control and shape your universe but also to attract into it anything you desire.

And remember that concern about putting the effort in only to find that change doesn't happen? If you follow the instructions in my book you will find that you begin to notice benefits almost immediately - certainly with less than a week of daily practise you will experience at least some small changes. As soon as you notice any change, you know that the technique is effective and bigger changes just require more of the same.

Perseverance is all you need. But that is easy to find as you feel your confidence growing on a daily basis.

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