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Many people suffer unnecessarily. Anxiety, stress and worry affect millions. Introverts live uncomfortably in an extroverted world. People suffering from chronic shyness end up lonely and isolated. Physical problems, for which there is no medical treatment, are endured when it is possible to ease the discomfort and improve life quality. There are people who feel lost, without direction, and have no idea that help is available because they themselves are unable to label the problem.

This book is about the relief of suffering.

This book is about finding solutions where you thought there were none.

This book is about you living the life you want rather than the life you have.

This book is an inspirational guide to how you can use your own mind to:

The early part of the book explains about the differences between hypnosis and self hypnosis; how to use your imagination to bring about change; exactly how to word self-suggestions; and why you need to know what you want in order to have it.

Following this are the three sections Mind, Body, & Spirit.

Each of these sections looks at specific problem areas and explains, with a straightforward step-by-step approach, exactly how to begin the process of change in a way that is gentle and encouraging while remaining aware of the difficulties you may encounter. The Body section shows you how to set up an imaginary Healing Room where you will go each time you intend to work on your physical health. The Spirit section moves into realms that require a loosening of the grip that your current reality has on you. With this grip loosened you are free now to begin to create, and to have, what you want from your life, your partner, and your world.

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